When the opportunity arose to shoot a series of pinups on a private airfield with some vintage bi-planes, I couldn’t resist.  We gathered under a big Texan sky, on a partly cloudy day that made for beautiful diffused lighting conditions.  There was a patriotic feel in the air, probably brought on by the collection of about half a dozen vintage military bi-planes, polished to a blinding high gloss, that awaited us.  These weren’t some idle museum pieces either.  These babies were fully functioning, a couple with their engines still warm from an early morning spin.



As a kid, growing up in a concrete jungle, looking out the window of an 11th story project, I was captivated and thrilled by the rural, middle western world depicted in the film, The Great Waldo Pepper, starring Robert Redford and directed by George Roy Hill.  The story centered around WWI fighter pilots who flaunted their flying abilities (including wing walking) in aerial stunt shows to make a living.  Over the years I’ve watched it dozens of times.  I fell in love with bi-planes.

Bi-Plane Beauty
Lady MaCallan Bertina checking for engine trouble.



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